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Hilyfe 365

HiLyfe Hi-Roller Rolling Set

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Introducing the Hi-Roller Rolling Tray Set. The set comes in 7 standard colors. (Customer can Mix-Match colors of items and add a photo as well). The rolling set includes:

1 Ceramic Non-stick grinder.

1 Aluminum Cannapuck or Cannapuck 2.0 for on-the-go storage, keeps material fresh.

1 StashPro Made from borosilicate glass and the lid made from 6063 A-Class aluminum with a silicone seal for airtight lock, and silicone cover for privacy and protection from breakage.

1 J-CASE for pre-roll storage, also made from A-Class aluminum with a special design for airtight and waterproof protection.

Customer Reviews

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Super Elite Set

Just got my entire set and I love it. Packaging is great, the quality of EVERYTHING is better than expected. I got the green set and I’m in love. Definitely a must buy.