More than just a brand.

This is a 420 Lifestyle Brand, that provides unique Clothing Designs, Rolling Trays, SunGlasses Footwear and more. HiLyfe is a Lifestyle choice 24/7 365! This brand was Built from the Passion of Fashion and a 420 lifestyle, bring all these things together and they represent freedom of expression, Welcome to HiLyfe 365 

Hilyfe Shades 365

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Chek out our latest fashion show walk.

  • The Mary Jane Shades

    Our bold 420 shades the “Mary Jane's” is for the green at heart. They are Mary Jane shaped and comes in combo colors. You can really bring the Stoner aesthetic while being stoned out and flowered up. Happy 420! 

    The Mary Jane Shades 
  • Smoking Mona T-Shirt

    This Smoking Mona T-shirt is super funny and sure to make someone smile when they see you wearing it. it's super smooth, super comfortable, and made from a cotton touch polyester jersey that won't fade after washing. This is about to be your new favorite tee.

  • HiLyfe Hi-Roller Rolling Tray Set

    Introducing the Hi-Roller Rolling Tray Set.The set comes in 7 standard colors. (Customer can Mix-Match colors of items and add a photo as well).